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Telos, The Warden - Guide

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Here is a Guide for beginners doing "Telos, The Warden" that need a little more help to complete it.

Requirements: (Not needed but will make it much easier to defeat.)

* Starfire Bow or Noxious Longbow (Starfire Bow is obtained from 1.8 million Elite Dungeoneering Tokens. Noxious Longbow is obtained from Araxxor.)

* Achto Tempest Gear or Starfire Range Gear (Can be obtained from Tusken Invasion. Starfire Gear can be obtained for 20,800 Starfire Points.)

* Vampyrism Aura (Can be obtained from Xuan with 200 Loyalty Points.)

Perks: (Not needed but will make it much easier to defeat.)

Overclocked (Obtained from Donator Shop.

* Prayer Betrayer (Obtained from Donator Shop.)

* Herbivore (Obtained from Donator Shop.)

Video Guide:

Use Protection of Melee

Have Anti-Poison Flasks

* Avoid his charged attack if needed.

* Make sure to bring plenty of supplies with you.


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