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Ayrtonator's Forum Suggestions Part 2

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So after a bit of thinking and editing of my own site I think that a staff roster page would be a good idea, Invision Community has the option to have a built-in staff page and on there you would be able to show all staff from the Owner, Administrators, Moderators, Support and any other staff you think of having. This would be a quick way of allowing the community to see who the staff team is so they are able to get help quicker. Also by using the built-in staff page, it would automatically update when somebody's groups were updated meaning that once it is created you would pretty much be able to forget about it, and the feature would still remain a useful tool especially for newer members of the community.


My second suggestion is to change the member section at the bottom of the main forum page to a "whos online" box showing only the members that are currently online instead of everyone. If you are wanting a section showing the number of members I believe that the best place for this is on the right-hand side bar, again Invision Community has a built-in plugin for this also.

Once again thank you for reading my suggestions,


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I love the suggestions. Thank you for leaving them. I will do what I can to see these added!


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