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August 8th

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Greetings everyone! After receiving feedback from players on several end-game pieces of gear, I have went ahead and adjusted their stats, as they were either too strong, or not strong enough.  Below you will find a list of the updated items. Also, if you feel that I have missed any items and would like to see their stats looked at, please let myself, or the staff team know either by messaging in-game, Discord, or below this post! Thank you again everyone for your feedback, as it is greatly appreciated.


*Item Buffs*

Each Noxious weapon (Longbow, Scythe, Staff) was under-performing by a decent margin, and needed  stat adjustments.

  • Noxious Longbow has been buffed slightly.
  • Noxious Staff has been buffed immensely, as it had almost identical stats to a Chaotic Staff. I believe this buff will also assist Magic overall, as it is now on-par with Melee and Ranged at end-game.
  • Noxious Scythe has been buffed slightly.

The Sirenic set is one of the end-game ranged armors, and takes a good bit of farming to create. While its offensive stats are in a good position, its defensive stats are weaker than the superior Morrigan's set. This was a problem because of how easy it is to obtain Morrigan's and Superior Morrigan's sets, compared to Sirenic. Due to this, I decided to adjust the stats of Sirenic and Elite Sirenic gear.

  • Sirenic Mask, Sirenic Hauberk, and Sirenic Chaps have recieved defensive buffs towards all forms of combat.
  • Elite Sirenic Mask, Elite Sirenic Hauberk, and Elite Sirenic Chaps have received defensive buffs towards all forms of combat, and a very small prayer bonus.

Drygore weapons are end-game main-hand and off-hand weapons, and their stats should reflect as such. However, the Drygore Rapier and Drygore Longsword were under-performing. To compensate, I have adjusted the stats to place them in a better position with the Drygore Mace.

  • Drygore Longswords and its off-hand variant has received a Slash attack buff, and a Strength Bonus buff.
  • Drygore Rapiers and its off-hand variant has received a Stab attack buff, and a Strength Bonus buff.
  • Drygore Maces are in a perfect spot I believe, and no change is needed at this time.

Ascension Grips are a great pair of T90 gloves to wear as an alternate option to Swift Gloves. However, they are much weaker than its magic variant, the Celestial Handwraps. As a solution, I have adjusted their stats.

  • Ascension Grips have received a slight Range Attack bonus, and a minor Ranged Strength buff.

Ascension Crossbows are best-in-slot for one-handed crossbows. They perform great as of now, but their Ranged Strength was a bit low, while their Attack Bonus was slightly too high. To balance this, I adjusted their stats.

  • Ascension Crossbows (Main-hand and off-hand) have received a slight buff to their Ranged Strength.
  • Ascension Crossbows (Main-hand and off-hand) have received a slight nerf to their Attack Bonus.


*Item Nerfs*

The Lava Whip is a great weapon that can hold its own until a stronger one-handed weapon is obtained. it was performing better than Drygores, and was actually the best-in-slot for main-hand melee weapons. This was an issue due to how easy it is to obtain one.

  • Lava Whip has seen a Strength Bonus nerf, as well as a Slash attack nerf.

Celestial Handwraps are T90 magic gloves and deserve proper stas to reflect this. But, they were performing too well and needed an adjustment.

  • Celestial Handwraps have had their Magic Damage% bonus nerfed.




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