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*LATE* July 22nd

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*Dragonkin Lab*

The Dragonkin Lab is a fun way to train Dungeoneering and gather Elite Dungeoneering tokens, while also leveling combat stats.  The only problem is that too many players are opting to AFK Red Dragons, as they are Aggressive. In order to push players to climb the Dragonkin rooms, small changes were made to the Lab, while still allowing players to camp Red Dragons if they choose to do so.

  • Red and Green Dragons will now be Passive.
  • Red Dragon damage has been buffed slightly.



*Forinthry Dungeon*

The Revenants drop some truly good upgrades for players who are stuck with T70 armor and weapons. Slaying these monsters will drop valuable PVP gear, such as Vesta's, Statius's, Morrigan's, and Zuriel's, however some pieces were missing! After receiving feedback, we have decided to change their drop tables slightly. 

  • Reworked and added missing pieces of PvP gear to Revenant drop table.

If you have ever wanted to have your very own Revenant follow you around as a new pet, well great news! As you kill Revenants, there's a chance they just might switch sides and decide to aid you instead of trying to kill you.

  • ALL revenants now have a chance to drop a pet respective to their name.



  • Wyvern combat rework.
  • Gem Dragon location has been changed to be more accurate with Runescape.
  • Legendary Pets will now be at their full-grown size.


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