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Lights Money Making Methods

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Oil lantern detail      Light and Ghosts Money Making Guide      Oil lantern detail


I'm light, during my time here on the server I have found a few good methods to make money, some of which are outside the box and people may not think of. I have decided to create this guide which I will constantly update with more methods as they are found. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to drop a reply onto this and let me know!

I would also like to thank Ghost who compiled a great list of money makers and potential GP available through these methods that have gone along with my own to create this guide for you!



Barbarian skills     Method 1 - Voting     Barbarian skills

Typing ;;vote in chat will take you to a page where you can vote for the server on the advertising websites, this is good as it helps bring more players to the server and you are rewarded for doing so. The reward we will be talking about for money is the Vote Book. This book can be clicked and redeemed for bonus experience for a while or you can claim the book for 1million gold. Voting will give you 5 books, this is a result of 5million gold for voting on all 5 websites. You can vote every 12 hours for rewards so this is a free 5m twice a day. Bonus Tip: If you save your books up until the double experience weekends then you can get 2m per book instead!


Rune 2h sword    Method 2 - Smithing rune 2h     Rune 2h sword

Making rune 2 handers can be a brilliant way to obtain gp in game, a rune 2h sells to the general store for 64,000coins each and requires only 1 rune bar to create. Keep in mind that many mid-high tier bosses drop Rune Bars. If you are wanting to get some fast rune bars and the chance at some rare loot bosses such as WildyWyrm and KK are great for rune bar drops and have very nice unique drops too.


Rocktail    Method 3 - Buying Food Bags    Rocktail

Buying large food bags at the store at home can net you some quick passive money. The currency that you will use to buy these are PVM points which can be obtained by killing almost any monster in the game. The PVM shop does not currently stock any items that are great for an account other then cosmetics, the best use of your PVM points is buying the large food bags and selling the food to the general store (players may buy the rocktails off you however many players have a lot as they buy the large food bags and sell all but the rocktails) Each Large food bag will net you around 515k gp and costs only 250 PVM points.


Thieving    Method 4 - Theiving    Thieving

Theiving is a nice starter money maker for the players starting with very low stats, the thieving stalls offer various items that you can sell to the general store manager that is close by for some gp. The stall you will want to be focusing on for GP is the Magic stall, see a list below of items it can drop and the gp you can make.

Per thieve - per action thieving you can get anywhere from 400-20,000 coins

Mystic Robes - the mystic robes sell for between 10-15k each depending on the piece you obtain (Hat 10k / Body 15k / Bottoms 10k)

Enchanted robes - the enchanted robes sell for between 15-120k again depending on the piece (Hat 15k / Body 120k / Bottoms 80k)


Dragon bones     Method 5 - Killing Dragons    Dragon bones

Dragons can net some very good gp if killed in a timely manor, the drops you are looking for are both 100% drops (Dragon bones and Dragon Hide) .The dragon bones can be sold to players for around 10k each, sometimes it can be hard to find a buyer as there are quite a lot of bones in the market, I would advise just leaving them in the grand exchange for a reasonable price.

The other drop you are looking for is the hides, depending on the tier of dragon depends on the value of the hide however tanning and crafting these hides can net you some very quick gold. Craft the dragonhides into bodys and then sell them to the general store, see below a list of prices for each hide type.

Green - 7.8k each
Blue - 9.4k each
Red - 11.2k each
Black - 13.5k each

Abyssal whip     Method 6 - PVM / Item hunting    Abyssal whip

Lets not forget PVM, this is something that is always changing and you cant accurately put a figure on potential GP as RNG plays such a heavy factor. Obtaining something rare or something players are wanting will yield good money as these items are wanted by many and sold by few. Below I have left some examples of things that typically sell well or bring in a lot of GP if you get lucky enough.

Abyssal Whips - Can be sold to newer players for some nice money (normally around 5 mill) and are not very rare

Steadfast / Glaiven / Ragefire Boots - These are not often sold as not many players are killing Glacors however they are very good tier boots and can be further upgraded, grabbing yourself a few pairs of these and selling them could make you some very nice gold.

Godwars armour - This one is similar to the whip in the sense that many later game players have no need for these items but if you find low-mid game players then you are sure to make a good stack of gold selling these items.


Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, I know I have probably gone more in-depth then I have needed to however this may help some players newer to Runescape.

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