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Suggestions/Fixes (LATEST) 9/07/19

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Suggestion's that I & other people think will benefit our server & do good use.



1. Adding a use for Incandescent Energy

2. Changing the home to the ;;Market Location as everything is closer together & easier to navigate

3. Add more shops & more beneficial shops (pm me on discord Zeus and i can give you my ideas)
4. Removing the cut scenes on Dominion Tower
5. Add some command abbreviations such as turning ;;home into (;;h) and ;;answer into (;;ans)' Could also add ;;mz (memberszone)' And other donator zones if they don't already have one.(;;ports)

6. Turning all items in donator shop to permanently noted items (decrease the hourly rate or something, Not too low though).

7. Add a Sell-X option to stores & a fix the Buy-X Option.

8. Fix slayer XP as it turns to 120 at around 17m XP


9. Adding more shops & skilling to the Donator Zones ( pm me on discord for the ideas i have in mind).
10. Add ;;fly to Donators , Nothing major but just a cool command i suppose.
11. Make rare items from more bosses announce as some do not (twin furies being one of them).
12. Add a way to reset divine daily location gathering %.

13. Add a (total prestige) into the Noticeboard tab & add a prestige leaderboards @ Home ( Don't reset prestiges, Find out what everyones current prestiges are in database, I'll cry if i lose my 100+ Prestiges.

14. Personally the platinum shop should not be limited to Platinum members & the platinum members should get a different shop with G.P Required items.

15. Add Profound decorative armour to the Trivia shop for like 250 points per piece (Body & legs ) 100 per (Helm,Shield,Sword?).

16. Add working Achievements & better rewards (pm me on discord as i can help you list each difficulty & think of them).

17. Make Skilling Animations Unlockable VIA Achievement system.

18. Think KK should have a tiny Increase in drop rates for how difficult it is.

19. Fix Araxxi , Vorago , & Telos That's what people WANT.

20. Up the drop amounts of ascension shards from rorarius ETC.
21. Add better Woodcutting Methods.
22. Add better Smithing Locations.
23. Add Lava-Flow Mine.
24. Add Direct Teleports to Priff skilling locations (still requires access to priff/total level REQ).
25. Balance out the PVM Points rewarded for bosses *E.g* Sunfreet awards you 15 points, It should atleast be double that if not triple.
26. Increase the XP Rates for Fletching, Or add more Buyable options from the G.E (increase ascension bolt xp by a lot).
27. Make Corruption/Salvation/Harmony Auras not require donator ranks as they are honestly useless just for looks 😛 .
28. Make boogie bow tradeable so people that don't want to farm can buy it for a good price.
29. Set a base Server price guide that players can change overtime by setting there own prices, After knowing the base prices (pm me on discord as i have rough ideas for which should be worth which - Can even write it up myself if you'd like).
30. Add a ;;staff Command to see The Server staff & show if they're offline or not.
31. Add a herblore shop to a (skilling zone - pm me on discord i have great ideas for this ).
32. Remove cutscenes from Dominion Tower.
33. Adding ;;bank to more areas even if its allowed in boss arenas.. it does cost $20 & you can only last an hour in a session anyway so it's not that op thinking about it, just don't allow it in minigames/PvP.
34. Add more rare drops to the announcement log.

35. Tidy up the "ports timer" as when you own more than one ship theres like no spaces etc.
36. Add PvM points for kiling Dominion tower NPC's
37. Auras should not be limited to Donation ranks as Half of them people buy for cosmetics (Salvation/Corruption/Harmony ETC)
38. Make Skilling events show when they are actually active & what the skill is. And up the rewards when you win, & add a second/third place
39. Add the XP Circle permanently (bug?)
40. Add a Referral system so you can see who is bringing people to the server and reward both members are a certain amount of playtime is achieved by the new player



Fixes that I & other people think are necessary to be repaired.

1. Tormented Demon's have a interaction where they switch combat styles too quickly and combo you twice with 2 attacks at the same time, This needs to be repaired.

2. Fix it so that when you get an Edimmu task you can not directly teleport to the task & get into priff without 2250 Total Level.
3. Agility upping the chance of double fish caught for *(Sharks)* if the first fish of your inventory is doubled than your whole inventory will be doubled & you can afk & constantly ;;empty and farm to 99 really fast.
4. It requires 15 Ascension shards to make 15 Ascension bolts, but If you withdraw 1 Ascension shard from your bank, you can still craft 15 bolts & duplicate your ammo rapidly.
5. Apparently all GWD Bosses in Dom Tower can be safe spotted.

6. Slayer perk not awarding the 25% Bonus XP or 25% More Points.
7. When Wielding a drygore rapier *(have not tested others)* They are invisible until you attack something, then go invisible when out of combat again
8. Staff Don't receive notifications when ;;ticket is done, But can still teleport to the player (just not notified) 
9. Make it so you can vote every 5 hours, Or change the timer back to 12 hours
10. Make it so you can edit posts on forums forever instead of being limited to a few hours if not minutes, Also make it so you can delete your own threads.
11. FIX FARMING PATCHES ( MAKE LIVID FARM COUNT TOWARDS COMP REQ) ! Or Remove the Completionist REQ & Lower the Hunter One or add alternatives
12. Walk animations make your weapons invisible

Weapons & Armour Stat Buffs & Nerfs.

1. Blade of Avaryss & Nymora have trash stats.
2. Tier 90 Armours & Weapons need to be buffed, (Malevolent,Drygore , Sirenic , Ascension , Tectonic , Seismic , Noxious ETC)


3. Archer's Ring destroys damage when equip (may be same with other rings)
4. Strykebow needs stats & probably other Lava strykeworm weapons
5. Staff of Darkness


Currently Suggestion/Fixes, There is a lot more i have found but cannot currently think of them on the spot, I Will find them again on my New Ironman & Post them in a new thread or in the Comments of this one




Please feel free to comment more Suggestions/Bugs ❤️









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