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  7. I have got a Dragon chainbody what I couldn't wear, the plate icon is little bit larger then the normal one, what works perfectly. It's says: "You can't wear this item; if it's a bug, report it on the forums." I hope you can fix it 😉
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    Blink guide

    Name: Blink Location: Wilderness lvl. 55 HP: 9000 Rare drops: Korasi's sword 3% dr. Amulet of fury 5% dr. Dragon boots 8% dr. Fighter Torso 10% dr. I used ranged at this boss, because his attack style is ranged and magic. You shouldn't stay too close of him because his toxic spray will hit you with magic damage. Your inventory must contain some food and lot of prayer potion or prayer renewal pots. You must use prayer against ranged. Be careful, other players can kill you there. Good luck with getting Korasi 😉
  9. Hi, in this guide i want to show how i get better and better gears on the server. I hop you'll enjoy my topic. I'll update every rare drop from the bosses. First of all, when I started the server, I have around 80 attack str and 60 def when I went bossing. I used rune armour and chaotic rapier. First boss what I did was Masuta. I killed it like 180x while I get the full Hanto's armour and Wind of Waiko. Boss teleport>Masuta. Loot from 178 killcount Masuta After that, I went to Sunfreet, with this setup.(ranged only) On my first kill I get Dragon Rider helm. 13x kill: Dragon rider gloves. Behind the altar is a safe spot, where u must use only melee prayer. Your inventory must conntain only prayer pots, some ranged potion and 3-5 foods. 42x killcount Dragon rider helm 66x killcount Boogie bow 79x killcount Dragon rider body 91x killcount Dragon rider cape 98x killcount Dragon rider boots 102x killcount Dragon rider boots 109x killcount Boogie bow Loot from 131 killcount Sunfreet(I bought the chaps) 147x killcount Dragon rider cape 152x killcount Dragon rider chaps After getting good armour at Sunfreet, I went to Godwars. My first boss was General Graador, the bandos boss. 1x killcount Bandos helm 5x killcount Godsword shard 3 TO BE CONTINUED...