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  1. Hi everyone! today's update brings weapon fixes, NPC nerfs, some changes to the Dragonkin Laboratory, and even new armor! You can find more info on this below. *Dragonkin Laboratory* Big update for the Dragonkin Lab! There will be new armor sets added that can be obtained by special tokens dropped from Elegorn the Celestial, as well as Verak Lith! These armor sets will come in three forms, and are explained further below. There will be a Magic set, melee set, and of course a ranged set. This gear can be purchased at the Dungeoneering Vendor by using the special tokens from the two bosses, Elegorn and Verak. Verk Lith will be accessable via pushing through more rooms of dragons after defeating Elegorn. Verak is slightly stronger than Elegorn, and can even reduce your prayer to 0. Players must come to both Elegorn and Verak Lith prepared! The climb to Elegorn is fairly easy, but reaching Verak Lith will be a challenge! Elegorn has seen a 30% damage nerf. Ancient Scales are now 18k each instead of 180k each. **We need your help deciding on how Verak Lith and Elegorn are strength-wise! Please message myself or Zeus (Goebbels) on Discord/in-game if you have a concern with the layout of the Lab. If it makes sense to the community, we can change it! *Rise Of The Six* As you may or may not be aware, completing runs of Rise Of The Six will reward you with Malevolent energy. This energy is how you can create your own set of Malevolent gear! In order to gain access to ROTS, you must collect Barrows Totems from regular Barrows runs. Obtaining these tokens however are not only rare, but also come in small quantities. To fix this, changes were made to the items within the Barrows Chest. Barrows Totems now are guaranteed drops, ranging between 1-5 per completed run. *Item Changes* As read above, the Starfire Armor (Magic, Melee, Ranged) has been added! Each piece of gear will be Power Armor. This means that while the offensive stats will be higher than other T90 gear sets, the defensive stats will be lower than your average T90 armor. Strykebow now has the same attack speed as other bows. Blade of Avaryss & Blade of Nymora have been buffed. Dyed Noxious Weaponry have been buffed to have slightly higher stats than their regular counterparts. Noxious Scythe has been buffed. Ring Of Death was given proper stats. Luck Of The Dwarves was given proper stats. The Kiln Capes each needed their stats changed to suit their respective combat style. Malevolent armor has been buffed, as it barely provided any sort of bonus except defense. Seasinger's armor has been buffed.
  2. +1 +1. Great job so far Shadow, I've seen you display the exact qualities of a staff member. It is noticed by others, myself included.
  3. Hello everyone! I was logged in yesterday, and a player (I'm sorry I can't remember your name... forgive me) mentioned that it would be a great idea to have some sort of forum/Discord post that lists the best loot and drops from bosses and monsters alike. Below I have compiled a list that I believe displays the correct loot and other items to the proper NPC respectively. *Note: I'm not including every drop from every NPC, as that would take quite a while. If you would like to look up an entire droptable of an NPC, use ;;npcdrop NPCNAMEHERE, or if you're searching for a specific item, use ;;itemdrop ITEMNAMEHERE. This guide took a good bit of time to make, so if you find it useful at all, please leave me some feedback, positive or negative! ***use CTRL F to search this list for the NPC's name, or certain items!*** If there is any items or NPCs that I forgot to mention, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will happily make the change. Celestial Dragon Celestial Shoes Celestial Hood Celestial Robe Top Celestial Robe Bottom Celestial Catalytic Staff Draconic Visage Celestial Handwraps Frost Dragon Dragon Platebody Draconic Visage Ice Strykewyrm Staff Of Light Rune Dragon Draconic Visage Glaiven Wing-Tips Ragefire Gland Steadfast Scale SOF Spin Airut Sirenic Scale Razorback Gauntlets Gem Dragon (Dragonstone, Onyx, Hydrix) Dragon Platebody Draconic Visage Uncut Onyx Luck Of The Dwarves Hydrix Ripper Demon Ripper Claw Off-hand Ripper Claw Raptor Key Part 1 Raptor Key Part 2 Acheron Mammoth Pack Mammoth Pouch Raptor Key Part 1 Raptor Key Part 2 Wyvern Draconic Visage Wyvern Crossbow Raptor Key Part 1 Raptor Key Part 2 The Magister Raptor Key (Full) Corruption Blast Ability Codex Gloves Of Passage Commander Zilyana Saradomin's Whisper Saradomin's Hiss Saradomin's Murmur Saradomin Hilt Armadyl Crossbow Vanguard Gloves Kree'arra Armadyl Boots Armadyl Gloves Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Buckler Armadyl Chainskirt Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Hilt Vanguard Helm K'ril Tsutsaroth Zamorakian Spear Boots of Subjugation Gloves of Subjugation Hood of Subjugation Gown of Subjugation Ward of Subjugation Garb of Subjugation Vanguard Legs Zamorak Hilt General Graardor Bandos Boots Bandos Gloves Bandos Helmet Bandos Warshield Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Bandos Hilt Vanguard Body Nex Ancient Ceremonial Mask Ancient Ceremonial Top Ancient Ceremonial Legs Ancient Ceremonial Gloves Ancient Ceremonial Boots Sirenic Scale Torva Full Helm Torva Platebody Torva Platelegs Torva Boots Torva Gloves Pernix Cowl Pernix Body Pernix Chaps Pernix Gloves Pernix Boots Virtus Mask Virtus Robe Top Virtus Robe Legs Virtus Gloves Virtus Boots Virtus Wand Virtus Book Zaryte Bow Sunfreet Dragon Rider Gloves Dragon Rider Boots Dragon Rider Helm Dragon Rider Chaps Dragon rider Cape Boogiebow Edimmu Blood Necklace Shard Barrel Chest Barrelchest Anchor Fire Warrior Gloves Fire Warrior Boots Fire Warrior Helm Fire Warrior Chestplate Fire Warrior Platelegs Tormented Demon Dragon Claw Off-hand Dragon Claw Dragon Limb Dark Lord Dark Lord Platebody Dark Lord Platelegs Dark Lord Helm Dark Lord Boots Dark Lord Gloves King Black Dragon Draconic Visage Robin Hood Hat Dagannoth Kings Berserker Ring Warrior Ring Seer's ring Archer's Ring Skeletal top Skeletal Bottom Mercenary Mage Celestial Shoes Celestial Robe Bottom Celestial Robe Top Celestial Hood Celestial Catalytic Wand Raptor Key (Full) Helwyr Wand Of The Cywir Elders Dormant Anima Core Body Dormant Anima Core Legs Dormant Anima Core Helm Orb Of The Cywir Elders Crest Of Seren Vindicta Dormant Anima Core Body Dormant Anima Core Legs Dormant Anima Core Helm Dragon Rider Lance Crest Of Zaros Twin Furies (Nymora & Avaryss) Dormant Anima Core Body Dormant Anima Core Legs Dormant Anima Core Helm Blade Of Nymora Blade Of Avaryss Crest Of Zamorak Kalphite King Drygore Longsword Drygore Rapier Drygore Mace Off-hand Drygore Longsword Off-hand Drygore Rapier Off-hand Drygore Mace Araxxor Spider Leg Bottom Spider Leg Middle Spider Leg Top Araxxi's Eye Araxxi's Fang Araxxi's Web Araxyte Pet Sirenic Scale Solak Sirenic Scale Cinderbane Gloves Blightbound Crossbow Off-hand Blightbound Crossbow Vorago Tectonic Energy Seismic Singularity Seismic Wand Corporeal Beast Spirit Shield Spectral Sigil Arcane Sigil Elysian Sigil Divine sigil Holy Elixer Telos, The Warden Raptor Key (Full) Orb Of Corrupted Anma Orb of Volcanic Anima Orb Of Pure Anima Dormant Zaros Godsword Dormant Seren Godbow Dormant Staff Of Sliske Blink Korasi's Sword Amulet Of Fury Party Demon Primal boots Primal gauntlets Primal Kiteshield Primal Platelegs Primal Platebody Primal Full Helm Wildywyrm SOF Spin Ancient Warrior's Equipment Patch Wyrm Spike Wyrm Geart Wyrm Scalp Tusken Raid Achto Primeval Mask Achto Primeval Gloves Achto Primeval Boots Achto Primeval Robe top Achto Primeval Robe Bottom Achto Teralith Helmet Achto Teralith Gauntlets Achto Teralith Boots Achto Teralith Curiass Achto Teralith Leggings Achto Tempest Cowl Achto Tempest Gloves Achto Tempest Body Achto Tempest Chaps Sirenic Scale Ascension Bosses (Legio Primus/Secundus/Tertius/Quartus/Quintus/Sextus) Ascension Signets 1-6 Ascension Grips
  4. Hey everyone! Time for some more updates! This update contains Light's suggestions for the Tier 2 PVM shop items, as well as some stat changes which will be listed below. *PVM SHOP* This suggestion comes entirely from our staff player Light. He took time out of his day(s) to create a very detailed sheet containing items for our missing Tier 2 PVM shop, located at Nastroth. Light did a great job with brainstorming the entire list of items below that are now sold in the shop, so thank you Light! Head on over to Nastroth to purchase the items listed below! Void Knight Ranger Helm @ 4,000 PVM points. Void Knight Melee Helm @ 4,000 PVM points. Void Knight Mage Helm @ 4,000 PVM points. Void Knight Top @ 6,000 PVM points. Void Knight Robe @ 6,000 PVM points. Void Knight Gloves @ 3,000 PVM points. Keepsake Key @ 15,000 PVM points. Harmonic Dust @ 4 PVM points. Crystal Key @ 500 PVM points. Darklight @ 7,500 PVM points. Bank Extension @ 50,000 PVM points. Deathtouched Dart @ 5,000 PVM points. (This may be changed in the near future.) Antique Chest @ 6,000 PVM points. Again, thank you again Light for the thought you put into this, as well as your assistance. *STAT CHANGE* Players have noticed that some items are either missing stats, or are lacking in certain stats. Because of this, changes were made by myself to fix this issue. Thank you to those who found and reported the items listed below to me Achto Primeval set has been buffed to be a Magic tank set. Achto Teralith set has been buffed to be a Melee tank set. Achto Tempest set has been buffed to be a ranged tank set. Dominion Crossbow has been buffed slightly, as obtaining the crossbow takes a hefty amount of time. Seasinger's set has been buffed to be more of a proper T90 Magic set. Tetsu set has been buffed to be more of a proper T90 Melee set. Death Lotus set has been buffed to be more of a proper T90 set. Reaper Necklace has been given proper stats. *MISC* I changed Wyden's shop, as buying food and potions from him can be repetitive. Wydin now sells noted potions/flask/food. Thank you everyone for your continued support and help with the server. It is greatly appreciated.
  5. Ghostly

    Few Ideas

    I love the ideas! Some players might not like the upgrade system with end-game items, but I personally think it would be pretty neat. Getting the community to work together for tougher bosses would be an excellent addition as well. +1 from me.
  6. Greetings everyone! After receiving feedback from players on several end-game pieces of gear, I have went ahead and adjusted their stats, as they were either too strong, or not strong enough. Below you will find a list of the updated items. Also, if you feel that I have missed any items and would like to see their stats looked at, please let myself, or the staff team know either by messaging in-game, Discord, or below this post! Thank you again everyone for your feedback, as it is greatly appreciated. *Item Buffs* Each Noxious weapon (Longbow, Scythe, Staff) was under-performing by a decent margin, and needed stat adjustments. Noxious Longbow has been buffed slightly. Noxious Staff has been buffed immensely, as it had almost identical stats to a Chaotic Staff. I believe this buff will also assist Magic overall, as it is now on-par with Melee and Ranged at end-game. Noxious Scythe has been buffed slightly. The Sirenic set is one of the end-game ranged armors, and takes a good bit of farming to create. While its offensive stats are in a good position, its defensive stats are weaker than the superior Morrigan's set. This was a problem because of how easy it is to obtain Morrigan's and Superior Morrigan's sets, compared to Sirenic. Due to this, I decided to adjust the stats of Sirenic and Elite Sirenic gear. Sirenic Mask, Sirenic Hauberk, and Sirenic Chaps have recieved defensive buffs towards all forms of combat. Elite Sirenic Mask, Elite Sirenic Hauberk, and Elite Sirenic Chaps have received defensive buffs towards all forms of combat, and a very small prayer bonus. Drygore weapons are end-game main-hand and off-hand weapons, and their stats should reflect as such. However, the Drygore Rapier and Drygore Longsword were under-performing. To compensate, I have adjusted the stats to place them in a better position with the Drygore Mace. Drygore Longswords and its off-hand variant has received a Slash attack buff, and a Strength Bonus buff. Drygore Rapiers and its off-hand variant has received a Stab attack buff, and a Strength Bonus buff. Drygore Maces are in a perfect spot I believe, and no change is needed at this time. Ascension Grips are a great pair of T90 gloves to wear as an alternate option to Swift Gloves. However, they are much weaker than its magic variant, the Celestial Handwraps. As a solution, I have adjusted their stats. Ascension Grips have received a slight Range Attack bonus, and a minor Ranged Strength buff. Ascension Crossbows are best-in-slot for one-handed crossbows. They perform great as of now, but their Ranged Strength was a bit low, while their Attack Bonus was slightly too high. To balance this, I adjusted their stats. Ascension Crossbows (Main-hand and off-hand) have received a slight buff to their Ranged Strength. Ascension Crossbows (Main-hand and off-hand) have received a slight nerf to their Attack Bonus. *Item Nerfs* The Lava Whip is a great weapon that can hold its own until a stronger one-handed weapon is obtained. it was performing better than Drygores, and was actually the best-in-slot for main-hand melee weapons. This was an issue due to how easy it is to obtain one. Lava Whip has seen a Strength Bonus nerf, as well as a Slash attack nerf. Celestial Handwraps are T90 magic gloves and deserve proper stas to reflect this. But, they were performing too well and needed an adjustment. Celestial Handwraps have had their Magic Damage% bonus nerfed.
  7. Ghostly

    Youtube Event!

    Helwyr's Youtube Event Helwyr is hosting a YouTube Event where the entire community will have the chance to win prizes! This is going to be the first Youtube event in roughly a month, so make sure you read below to find out how you can participate. What is the event? For two weeks, players will be able to create and submit their very own Youtube videos about the server. The event's rewards will be listed below. Every video that meets the criteria listed below will award the player 1 point! Check below to view the Criteria that needs to be followed. Feel free to create as many videos as you can, as this will lead to more rewards! Video Criteria Videos can be about anything within the game, just be sure to include either some helpful information, or even a simple tour of the server. Be sure to include the Forum’s URL (https://helwyr3.org/forums/) Explain to viewers that the server is still new, and actively looking for members who can step up and fill the role of a staff member. When is the event? Start: August 15th, 2019 End: August 29th, 2019 What are the rewards? For every video that a player makes, they will be awarded 1 point. These points can be earned for every video created. There is no limit as to how many videos can be created, as long as they are original videos and meet the listed criteria above. The points will be tallied up at the end of the event to see who our two winners are! The players who earn the most points will be awarded with the rewards below. 1st place : 15 Donator Credits ($15 USD), 20 Crystal Keys, and 75 SOF Spins! 2nd place: 10 Donator Credits ($10 USD), and 15 Crystal keys, and 50 SOF Spins! Also, there will be a special reward listed below for the player who can create the most unique, and highest quality video/ This video will be determined by the entire staff team. A Party Hat of your choosing! **Your videos can be submitted below this post, or on Discord! Be sure to contact Staff in case we forget to mark your video and award you with a point!** Goodluck to everyone, we cannot wait to see your submitted creations and content! -Helwyr Staff Team
  8. *Bug Fixes* A majority of this update was focused on squishing bugs from the client that were reported by players. We appreciate this feedback, as it will only help the server grow and become more successful. Fixed the attack animation for Crossbow off-hands. PvP gear (Vesta's, Zuriel's, Statius's, Morrigan's) can now be traded when NOTED, and placed on the Grand Exchange when NOTED. Petloot Perk is now disabled in the Wilderness. Teleporting out of the Wilderness at level 20 or below is now possible. Bonecrusher cannot be worn, and instead must be carried in inventory. Players can now use ;;ticket when they need assistance from any staff member. In conjunction, any staff member may now use ;;ticket to check and teleport to a player in need. Fixed the bug at Agility Pyramid that caused your character to float in the air and get stuck if you spam-click obstacles. *Misc* Dragon-Rider gear has received a buff. Blades of Nymora and Avaryss have received buffs.
  9. *Dragonkin Lab* The Dragonkin Lab is a fun way to train Dungeoneering and gather Elite Dungeoneering tokens, while also leveling combat stats. The only problem is that too many players are opting to AFK Red Dragons, as they are Aggressive. In order to push players to climb the Dragonkin rooms, small changes were made to the Lab, while still allowing players to camp Red Dragons if they choose to do so. Red and Green Dragons will now be Passive. Red Dragon damage has been buffed slightly. *Forinthry Dungeon* The Revenants drop some truly good upgrades for players who are stuck with T70 armor and weapons. Slaying these monsters will drop valuable PVP gear, such as Vesta's, Statius's, Morrigan's, and Zuriel's, however some pieces were missing! After receiving feedback, we have decided to change their drop tables slightly. Reworked and added missing pieces of PvP gear to Revenant drop table. If you have ever wanted to have your very own Revenant follow you around as a new pet, well great news! As you kill Revenants, there's a chance they just might switch sides and decide to aid you instead of trying to kill you. ALL revenants now have a chance to drop a pet respective to their name. *Misc* Wyvern combat rework. Gem Dragon location has been changed to be more accurate with Runescape. Legendary Pets will now be at their full-grown size.
  10. The new Boss is a great idea and addition, thank you. I love that 2hs can compete with Dual weaponry now as well.
  11. Got this baby at 9 kills with G U N S.
  12. Hello everyone! This grocery list will be what I'm currently looking to buy. I will update the list as I either purchase, acquire myself, or find no need to have the item(s) anymore. Please contact me via the forums, or in-game, and thank you for stopping by. Ghostly wants... ∞ amounts of Rune Bars AND Rune Ores. (50k per Bar, 20k per Ore.) ∞ amounts of Ascension Bolts. (1k per Bolt.) ∞ amounts of Sirenic Scales. (5M+ Per Scale.) 1 Drygore mace. (95M) 2 Wyvern Crossbows. (20M+ Per Crossbow) 1 Noxious bow (TBD) 1 Off-hand Dragon Scimitar. (3M) 1 Wand of the Cywir elders. (TBD) 1 Orb of the Cywir elders. (TBD) 1 Ragefire Gland (40M) 1 Steadfast Scale (40M) Note: These prices are not to be followed as a price guide, but instead the price at which I am buying the items for.
  13. Lumi you always help players when you're online, no doubt about that. You don't seem shy to help new players in learning the server. I don't see you online much anymore compared to when I first joined,, but that may be due to our different timezones. If you're still active I'd give you my +1.
  14. Lucifer you were in the same boat as me I believe. We joined at similar times and sort of self-taught ourselves, then taught others our knowledge we gained. You normally are very active, and when you are on, you're kind and enjoy like helping others. Recently though I haven't seen you around as much, but maybe it's due to something that has come up. Once you are more active like you were before, I would definitely vouch for you.