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  1. So, you've joined the server. You like the looks of it. You see the difficulty modes and you think to yourself; "Hell yeah! x5 xp? That's a grind and a half! That's me all over!" Well then, my readers, this is a guide for you. I'm an expert player that has currently put around 30 hours into the server, and have been addicted to the grind. In that time I've managed exactly 0 99s, and have a total level of 629. I'm not an efficient player, and I have done a lot to help the players we have, and so this is why I'm putting together a little guide to take you through each and every skill within the game from the Expert game modes point of view. NOTE: While this says it is mainly for Expert difficulty; as I'm typing it out, I realise that this could actually work for any player, on any difficulty. If there's any information you want to know, while this is tailored more towards Expert, this will work for any player at all. Thank you all for taking a look through this. Just a quick warning. This is wordy af. I love you guys. (Or gals. I won't judge.) First of all. I want to point out, this will be a work in progress. As I said, I'm not an efficient player, and I have not started every skill within the game right now. They are all on my to do list, but I'm also going for 1b xp (or maximum xp cap, just in case a 200m grind is not enough of a grind for you.) within slayer. So this guide I'm sure is going to help me not burn out while I do that monumental task. (Or just mental. Check sanity in two years time when I've actually finished this self imposed challenge.) So, from here on, I will be listing skills within the game, and how I've gone when training them. Once again, this guide is in no way an efficient guide, but it is how I took each and every skill. Attack, strength and defence When I trained melee, I did this mostly through dungeoneering. The tokens you get from dungeoneering, plus the mobs within are actually really good training. This will probably come as no surprise, but use the best equipment that you can when it comes to your attack power. The path follows that of pre EOC, and therefore a rune scimitar requires 40 attack, dragon 60, etc. If you can, keep this around the same level as your strength, but personally, get a few arttack levels first. The first 60-65 levels, and it will feel great, but once you start getting into those higher numbers, you'll notice the slow down, and this could make or break it for you. Of course, if you're not a fan of dungeoneering (of which I will cover as the next skill on this list), you could always train these in your own time or through slayer. Both are fantastic choices. Dungeoneering Ahh, a love it or hate it skill. If the idea of running through a countless amount of rooms and 'sploring for keys makes you literally want to throw a small child down the stairs, (I, as a father of five, do not condone child abuse in any way whatsoever, and believe that anyone caught doing this should be given the self same punishment five times over) then this skill... MIGHT be for you. Like the standard dungeoneering, this one contains rooms, however, 'sploring is not something you have to do. This is a linear experience, going up with every 10 levels within dungeoneering. Every room requires 15 kills of the monster in the current room, before you can move into the next. Rats first, then the spiders, skeletons, etc. A quick note for all the readers (and this is something I've done a few times, and always want to punch myself in the face when I do so...) just click the barrier for the next room once. If you click twice, you will go back through the door. While progressing rooms require the 15 kill count, regressing rooms does not. You go back a room, you have to regain the 15 kills in order to go through again. Every monster kill will give you tokens, and the amount you gain increases with the monsters in the rooms. Bigger level requirements, more tokens. Your rewards for these tokens? Well... Anything obtainable from dungeoneering in the live game from 718! Chaotics? We got 'em. Bonecrusher? You bet your buns. Graphite? Weird flex, but sure, we got that, too! This skill is worth training, especially for chaotics, and of course, for the 85 requirement for Frost Dragons. Prayer Now, I'm not going to lie in my "Guide" here. I did not actually start prayer until I got myself a bonecrusher. (34,000 dungeoneering tokens, and a dungeoneering requirement I can not remember off the top of my head. Future Lewis, please get a confirmation on the level requirement and add this here.) but I'm sure most will know how prayer works. If you're playing on Expert, and plan on bossing, this skill is absolutely essential. (Unless you're a mini Woox or something and can solo absolutely anything at 10 hp, 1 pray and a bronze dagger.) Monsters in this game have a tendancy to smack you up hard, and so having prayer for pretty much everything is a bonus. So, how do you work prayer? Either bury your bones, use them on the home altar, or as I do, use a bonecrusher. Get yourself a minimum of 43 prayer, allowing you to protect from all forms of damage. This will without a doubt help you beyond compare. Also, within the pvm shop at home, you can find supply caches. These will give you prayer renewal potions. These are a godsend. The genie within that shop will also give you some too. As I pointed out, I will be working on this over the next few days, but it could potentially be a few weeks, months... Who knows? What I can confirm though, is that this is in no way NEAR close to being completed. This is a quest for me, and I will be adding skills as and when I do them. (Quick warning. Agility may get a lot of hate from me. I absolutely HATE the skill, so while I'm trying not to use profanity, I may have to sencor a few of the words that appear in that bulk text. Once again, to each and every one of you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been created due to the love I have for this server, and because I want players who like me, like a good challenge, can get some of the information from someone who has already put a decent amount of time into it. From what I have seen since I've been playing, most go for the difficulty below Expert. I have nothing against those players, and they, just like you are here to enjoy themselves and kick back. A massive thank you to Zeus, and all of the staff team who help make this server as good as it is, and has all the players interests in their minds. On behalf of myself, and most of the players on this server, we thank you, and we love you.