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  1. *New Boss Added* Masuta The Ascended This boss is for beginners who are looking to obtain new weapons and armour that will assist players in reaching higher-tiered bosses. Currently, new players are forced to jump into bossing with a lack of proper gear, making it difficult to solo, if not impossible to some. We decided that we wanted to change that, and allow players a way to progress their armour and weapons through a boss that isn't too tough, but also give new players a decent challenge. The Giant Mole has been temporarily removed from the server, and replaced with Masuta, as currently we see this boss much more beneficial. This boss is located under the Boss Teleports, titled, "Masuta." -> Masuta has 5000 hitpoints, with the chance to drop several pieces of new gear. High Armour and Weapons of Hanto Masuta The Ascended drops 8 new pieces of equipment that currently stand at T67. This includes a full set of hybrid amour, as well as a Bow, Staff, and a Two-Handed Sword. After adjusting the stats, we believe that the armours and weapons are in a good spot, but may change in the future. *Ascension Dungeon Changes* After receiving feedback on the monsters contained within the Ascension Dungeon, they were tweaked slightly to be on-par with the actual dungeon in Runescape. Rorarius are now Aggressive. Scutarius are now Aggressive. Gladius are now Aggressive. Capsarius are now Aggressive. *Misc* Mauls, Godswords, and other Two-Handed weapons have had their attack speed buffed to be more on-par with dual-wielding. A more stable, less laggy client has been released.
  2. Announcement @everyone: After careful review and consideration, I have decided to rework Helwyr's staff positions and open up the Staff Application post. Currently we are looking for TWO community members who can fill the role of Support, as well as ONE member who can fill the support of Moderator. You can apply at https://helwyr3.org/forums/index.php?/application/form/1-helwyr-helpers-application-form/ Application Guide: Note: in order to make a proper application, you MUST include an Upvote option when submitting your application. Goodluck to everyone and thank you for applying.
  3. #7-9-19 Misc Increased the Respawn delay of KBD Added Ascension on the Rare Drop announcement Removed the 950 cap damage on KBD Added more items on droptable of BarrelChest Re-balance the droptable of FrostDragons Fixed the Yell Problem for staffs Increased Wyvern Crossbow a lil bit Prifiddinas Added Teleport option on all the 8 Heralds of Prifddinas Added Teleport Home NPC at (Wilderness Agility) Added Sorcers Tower teleport in Woodcutting for Magic Trees Added Gem Dragons on Movran task (Kuradal still have it) Fixed Ancient ceremonial robes *Wearing a full set of ancient ceremonial robes allows players to proceed through the Ancient Prison without having to get the kill count. Increased the Ammo on Lowes Store and Runes on Zaff Buffed Red Dragons Artisans Workshop is now functioning {BETA} Araxxor Nerfed Araxxor Base damage decrease 25% decreased poison damage Decreased the Damage Multiplier from +25% to +20% Araxxor Heal from 1k or 2k to 500 or 750 Spiderlings base damage and armor decreased Telos Cap damage increased from 1750 to 2750 Mage and Range attack damage 150 to 200 decreased to 100 to 175 Telos cursed damage decrease by 25% Dragon fire attack max damage decreased from 500 to 250 Elite Dungeon (DRAGON KIN AREA) You now get Elite Dungeoneering Points when you kill any NPC at Dragonkin Area. When you die on Dragonkin Area you now teleported outside the Dragonkin instead of the lobby in Regular Dung. Added Starfire Sword, Bow, and Staff. on Elite Dungeon Shop. Added a +50% Multiplier when you use the Starfire weapon at Dragonkin Area. Fixed so you only get the Elite dungeonerring points when killing other dragons that are also located outside of the AREA. Increased the Price of Ancient Scale from 20 to 180K (Crafting Elite Sirenic) Increased the Price of Draconic Energy from 20 to 180k (Crafting Elite Tectonic) Increased the Price of Dragonkin Checkpoint Teleport from 20 to 18k (Teleport inside Sunfreet Door) StarFire Weapons Added Attack animation. Added Stats on the weapons. Added the Weapons on Elite dungeoneering Shop 1,300k ea. Dominion tower: You will now lose your kill count dependant on the item in store. Example; you buy goliaths for 100 kills, you will now lose those points. This is to make Dominion tower a more difficult experience for players, due to having great in-game rewards.
  4. #6-30-19 Nerfed/Reworked the FF boss: Celestial dragon Gem drags Araxxor Qbd Mammoths Magister Dagganoth Fixed: Wrong Title Showing for staff when yelling. Re-worked the pet drop Announcement. Fixed Clan Invite Fixed Item on Player (for X-mas Crackers) Fixed some problem on Donations giving different Price ingame Moved Some Looters Perk to its correct category. Added: Added a world announcement when a staff logged in. Added Master Fledger on Donator Shop and Ingame Added Looters perk pack on Donator Store. Buffed: Vanguard Set (Prestige Shop) Fire Warrior Set (Barrel Chest) Ocean Warrior (2h) Dominion Sword Dominon Crossbow Dominion Staff Buffed A lilttle the FF: Armadyl Set: Bandos Set
  5. #6-27-19 Ironman and Hc IronMan Droprate increased from x1.5 to 3.5 Buffed Off-hand Primal Rapier/Longsword Buffed Sagittarin Longbow Added Red Dragon on Kill Feed and a Pvm Points Fixed Max/Comp Cape Stand gives the wrong hood (which makes you unable to customize the hood) Fixed the command ;;topic which allows you to open a specific post on forums (ex: ;;Topic 12) #6-28-19 Added a prifddinas button at quest tab Added Pyramid Plunder Agility Course Added Announcement for 2b Experience Fixed the Examine Stats Added Divination Level on it Total Time played Combat Level Total XP Total Level including Divination Game Mode Hardcore IronMan Changes Made a better and more informative guide when choosing HcIronMan game mode. HC Ironman when died will no longer be locked instead the following list. Hc IronMan stats will now reset when you die even on a non PvP area. HC Ironman if total level is below 500 the account will not degrade to regular Ironman and the skill will not reset. Hc IronMan stats will not reset if he is a Donator, but will degrade to Regular IronMan. Re-Added the Spins you get when you reached 104m ,250M ,500m, 1B and 2B EXP on a Skill 1 for Easy Mode 2 for Intermediate 4 for Veteran 8 for Expert (meh for ironman) Added Kill Counter on this NPC's Skeletal Minion Skeletal Warrior Ice Elemental Ice Warrior Ice Fiend Earth Warrior Ghost Dungeon Spider Dungeon Rat Amoured Zombie
  6. #06-25-19 Fixed the Wrong Crowns shown when choosing game modes. Fixed a bug on DXP bonus. Fixed a bug on Skill Level Announcement Fixed Slayer task Jungle Horror Buffed Primal LongSword and Rapier Buffed Dragon Rider Set Added Smithing Teleport for Smithing Added a Warning on HCIronman that when they die the account will be permanently locked. Gold, Platinum and Diamond Members receives Loyalty box every 30minutes of gameplay. Prestiging will no longer decrease 13m instead, it will reset your skill to level 1. Added a Pvm Points on Skeletal Wyvern and added it on the Kill feed announcement
  7. New Home (Gold Mine) - Some player complains that the Old Home is a bit laggy and the Store location has been poorly placed. - The home location has been set to the new Home location named "Gold Mine". Quest Tab - Rework Quest Tab, previously added Home, Bank, Toggle Prayer, and Magic Buttons - Just made it to make us a bit different on other RSPS. Additional Donator Perks - All Donators will now receive 2 Loyality Box - Bronze and Silver Members will receive 1 QuadExp Every day. - Gold will receive 2 QuadExp Every day - Platinum 3 and Diamond 4 - Divination Gathers are increased for Donators depending on your rank. - Quadexp Overrides on DXP Kill Count Annoucement - Every 100th kill of the NPC or Bosses that gives PvM Points will be announced. **So that you can brag how dry you are... Started Reworking on Bosses drops - BarrelChest Controller has been removed, you can now access it and kill like an ordinary NPC. - Added Custom Armors for Future Drop of Bosses Started on Re-Balancing the Weapons and Armors Renamed Some Items to make it more professional -Vote Book - Donator Token - Slayer Task Reset - Death Task Reset - Charm Supply - SoF Spin Vote Book Reward - Vote Book will now Double the Benefits every weekend - The Amount of GP reward during the weekend is doubled - Vote Book Bonus Exp now Overrides on DXP - Vote Book Bonus Exp for donators are based on your Donor Rank Regular player 25% Bronze 25% Silver 27.5% Gold 30% Platinum 32.5% Diamond 35% Misc - There's a lot more has been added, fixed and adjusted on the server in this past few days. It's just been I've been lazy to log it. I'm really sorry. - All the bug fixes have been not logged.
  8. Zeus

    Red Carpet Event

    Hello Helwyr Community! **** EVERY PERSON WHO CREATES AN INTRODUCTION WILL RECEIVE ONE FREE LOYALITY BOX **** The TOP THREE introduction threads will be receiving prizes. These threads will be judged on the following variables: - Effort - Information - Length - Attitude We want the community to be excited for Helwyr and to play/meet each-other! So the more informative you are, the better in our eyes! Make sure to give it your best shot and I look forward to reading each and every one of your introductions!  Rewards: 1st Place: 500 Cosmetic Coins 10M GP Charm Supply Large Food Back Potion Supply Supply Cache 5 Loyality Box 2nd Place: 300 Cosmetic Coins Large Food Back Potion Supply 8M GP 3 Loyality Box 3rd Place: 200 Cosmetic Coins Large Food Back 5M GP 2 Loyality Box
  9. This will be a big help for the server. Thank you so much
  10. Zeus

    Forum Guide Event

    Mechanics: You just need to Make a "USEFUL" Ingame or Forum Guide Here. 1 Guide is equivalent to 1 raffle Entry, the more guides you make the more chances of winning! Reward: We will be Giving out 10usd credit and 100 Cosmetic Coins to 2 lucky Winners! Forum event will start at 8 AM EST 06/21/19 and will end 8 AM EST 07/01/2019 Winners will be picked via https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/ at 8:30 am EST 07/01/2019
  11. The guidelines below exist to help you with your application. You do NOT have to follow those in order for your application to be valid. If, however, your application was denied, you'll be free to re-apply in a month from when you got denied, unless anything else was said. Guidelines when applying for Helper The Guidelines: Minimum of 10 active days ingame. Minimum of 20 posts on forums. Must be active ingame, around 5 hours a day in average. Your ingame/forum account has to be older than a week. Well overall server knowledge. Must be familiar with the rules of the server and forums. You must be able to speak fluent English with good communication skills. Must be well known throughout the community. If you have a punishment record, you will risk your application being denied if the staff team deem it's serious enough to do so. The staff team wishes you the best of luck in the coming staff application. May the gods of Helwyr be with you.
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    Hello Lewis and welcome to helwyr ^^
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    Different Location Monsters Image Name Location Level Requirements RockCrab Rellekka Level 71 slayer level 1 helps Jungle Strykewyrm Karamja Level 93 slayer level 1 helps Desert Strykewyrm Al kharid Level 103 slayer level 1 helps Ice Strykewyrm Ice Cave Level 106 slayer level 1 helps Celestial Dragon Dragontooth Island resource dungeon Level 127 slayer level 1 helps Frost Dragon Ice Cave Level 112 slayer level 1 helps Rune Dragon Mount Firewake Level 127 slayer level 1 helps Ripper Demon Ripper Demons Level 131 slayer level 96 helps Acheron Mammoth Ice Cave Level 135 slayer level 96 helps Airut Ancient Cavern Level 122 slayer level 92 helps Wyvern Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Level 127 slayer level 96 helps Glacors Saradomin's Hidden Cave Level 112 slayer level 56 helps Ancient cavern monsters Image Name Level Requirements Berserk Barbarian Spirit Level 106 slayer level 1 helps Brutal Green Dragon Level 105 slayer level 1 helps Enraged Barbarian Spirit Level 106 slayer level 1 helps Waterfiend Level 107 slayer level 1 helps Lost Barbarian Level 84 slayer level 1 helps Skeletal Brute Level 88 slayer level 1 helps Ascension Dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Rorarius Level 84 slayer level 1 helps Scutarius Level 105 slayer level 1 helps Gladius Level 91 slayer level 1 helps Capsarius Level 105 slayer level 1 helps Dwarf Battlefield Dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Black Guard CrossbowDwarf Level 70 slayer level 1 helps Black Guard Berserker Level 56 slayer level 1 helps Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneer Level 70 slayer level 1 helps Black Guard Level 42 slayer level 1 helps Fremmenik dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Cave Crawler Level 53, 72 slayer level 10 helps Black Rockslug Level 49 slayer level 20 helps Basilisk Level 77 slayer level 40 helps Cockatrice Level 44 slayer level 25 helps Black Jelly Level 68 slayer level 52 helps Black Pyrefiend Level 61 slayer level 30 helps Turoth Level 64, 66, 68, 69 slayer level 55 helps Black Guard Level 42 slayer level 1 helps Kurask Level 78 slayer level 70 helps Aquanite Level 95 slayer level 78 helps Gem Dragons Image Name Level Requirements Dragonstone Dragon Level 119 slayer level 95 helps Hydrix Dragon Level 133 slayer level 101 helps Onyx Dragon Level 126 slayer level 98 helps Jadinko lair Image Name Level Requirements Mutated Jadinko Baby Level 93 slayer level 80 helps Mutated Jadinko Guard Level 96 slayer level 86 helps Mutated Jadinko Male Level 100 slayer level 91 helps Polypore Dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Ganodermic Runt Level 112 slayer level 95 helps Fungal Rodent Level 26 slayer level 1 helps Mutated Jadinko Male Level 100 slayer level 91 helps Grifolapine Level 103 slayer level 88 helps Grifolaroo Level 107 slayer level 82 helps Fungal Mage Level 81 slayer level 1 helps Infested Axe Level 105 slayer level 1 helps Ganodermic Beast Level 112 slayer level 95 helps Taverly Dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Blue dragon Level 74 Dragonfire shield comes handy Poison spider Level 93 That spider is poisonous Skeleton Level 15/32 None Black knight Level 30 None Lesser demon Level 70 None Ghost Level 25 None Magic axe Level 74 None Giant bat Level 44 None Chaos druid Level 32 None Chaos dwarf Level 45/47 None Poison scorpion Level 49 That scorpion is poisonous Hill giants Level 44 None
  14. Zeus


    A shop is any place where players can buy or sell items of various kinds to a non-player character merchant. Shops Of Helwyr 3 Shops of Helwyr Chathead Name Location Shop Info Solomon Home Outfits are cosmetic overrides! Grand Exchange Clerk Home Trading system for players to buy and sell almost all tradeable items! Scavvo Home Pures can look what i have to offer, maybe some equipment! bob Home I Repair broken items, trade Skilling tools, Giving Godly Prestiges and can convert 1m ot cash bag. Zaff Home Magic and equipment and runes...man! Horvik Home Sir, we have to offer: Melee equipment and Tusken Invasion minigame rewards, just talk to me! Lowe Home Archery shop, eye for an eye. Diango Home Cosmetic rewards and Retro skillcape hood shop, 90's will come back! Wydin Home Useful supplies, take some bite or some drinks! Shopkeeper Home Best place to sell your loot for a low price. Xuan Home The Aura guy, whos always high. King Vargas Home Knights join with Clan, get some achievments and magical Chameleon Skins. Nastroth Home Pssst! You can exchange various Points for good items also can reset combat stats. "shady trades" Gambler Home Good place to waste your coins. I love coins. Party Pete Home He handles Donation perks, votes and some nice afros for some partyyy! Wise Old Man Home Capes, hoods, trivia points and Event mysterys from the past. Cook Home Bake me some nice Cake boss, and overcome Culinomancer Fancy Dress-shop owner Home Be elegant with some fancy cloths, you are never too beautiful! Estate Agent Home Get materials for your own place! Time to act and risk!
  15. Slayer is support skill that enables players to kill monsters which are often otherwise immune to damage. Players get a Slayer task from one of eight Slayer Masters, and players gain Slayer experience for killing monsters that they are assigned. Slayer experience is granted in addition to regular combat experience. Slayer can be profitable since many Slayer assignments drop valuable items. Generally, the stronger the monster, the more valuable its drops will be. Slayer is one of the best money-making methods in Helwyr 3 Slayer Masters Master Levels Required Turael NONE Mazchna 20 Combat Vannaka 40 Combat Chaeldar 75 Combat Sumona 90 Combat 35 Slayer Duradel / Lapalok 100 Combat 50 Slayer Kuradal 110 Combat 75 Slayer Morvran 120 Combat 85 Slayer, total level 2250 to access Prifddina Almost all of the Slayer Masters except Morvran, can be located in the Slayer Tower. The easiest way to get to the Slayer Tower is by using the Quest Journal. Next, select the NPC option, and at the bottom you will see the teleport called, "Slayer Tower." A slayer assignment may be changed (cancel, block, extend, prefer) once per assignment with the use of slayer points. In order to get another slayer master, you must have completed your current assignment from your previous Slayer Master. How To Start Slaying Your Assignment All slayer masters sell Enchanted Gem, buy it. Activating and using the Enchanted Gem is KEY to Slayer. It has a few options that are useful, but most importantly, it will allow you to teleport DIRECTLY to your currently assigned task. You can also check how many kills you have left by using your gem, which can also be checked by clicking on the Task System tab, and scrolling down to your regular, and Special Slayer tasks. Slayer Perk Perslaysion - This perk allows you to persuade your current slayer master to reset Slayer Tasks free of charge. It Also increases EXP and point ratios by 25% on task completion. Slayer Points Regular Slayer Point Rewards Image Name Slayer Points Description Slayer Helm 400 pts Buying option YES/NO Charm Collector 650 pts Buying option YES/NO. This is a perk! Imbue Ring 300 pts This feature imbue one of your ring, making it more powerful but permanently untradable. Crystal Weapon Seed 200 pts Crystal weapons upgrade, makes them more powerful. Fighter's Torso 200 pts Buyng option YES/NO. Special Slayer Point Rewards Image Name Slayer Points Description [Expand] Slayer helmet 650 pts there's four different looking helmet, but all of them have the same stats Khopesh of the Kharidian 500 pts Really powerful while doing slayer tasks. Off-Hand Khopesh of the Kharidian 500 pts Really powerful while doing slayer tasks. Raptor Key 150 pts Key for Raptor Chest Twang Crossbow 750 pts Really powerful while doing slayer task Off-Hand Twang Crossbow 750 pts Really powerful while doing slayer task