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  1. This will be a big help for the server. Thank you so much
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    Different Location Monsters Image Name Location Level Requirements RockCrab Rellekka Level 71 slayer level 1 helps Jungle Strykewyrm Karamja Level 93 slayer level 1 helps Desert Strykewyrm Al kharid Level 103 slayer level 1 helps Ice Strykewyrm Ice Cave Level 106 slayer level 1 helps Celestial Dragon Dragontooth Island resource dungeon Level 127 slayer level 1 helps Frost Dragon Ice Cave Level 112 slayer level 1 helps Rune Dragon Mount Firewake Level 127 slayer level 1 helps Ripper Demon Ripper Demons Level 131 slayer level 96 helps Acheron Mammoth Ice Cave Level 135 slayer level 96 helps Airut Ancient Cavern Level 122 slayer level 92 helps Wyvern Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Level 127 slayer level 96 helps Glacors Saradomin's Hidden Cave Level 112 slayer level 56 helps Ancient cavern monsters Image Name Level Requirements Berserk Barbarian Spirit Level 106 slayer level 1 helps Brutal Green Dragon Level 105 slayer level 1 helps Enraged Barbarian Spirit Level 106 slayer level 1 helps Waterfiend Level 107 slayer level 1 helps Lost Barbarian Level 84 slayer level 1 helps Skeletal Brute Level 88 slayer level 1 helps Ascension Dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Rorarius Level 84 slayer level 1 helps Scutarius Level 105 slayer level 1 helps Gladius Level 91 slayer level 1 helps Capsarius Level 105 slayer level 1 helps Dwarf Battlefield Dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Black Guard CrossbowDwarf Level 70 slayer level 1 helps Black Guard Berserker Level 56 slayer level 1 helps Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneer Level 70 slayer level 1 helps Black Guard Level 42 slayer level 1 helps Fremmenik dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Cave Crawler Level 53, 72 slayer level 10 helps Black Rockslug Level 49 slayer level 20 helps Basilisk Level 77 slayer level 40 helps Cockatrice Level 44 slayer level 25 helps Black Jelly Level 68 slayer level 52 helps Black Pyrefiend Level 61 slayer level 30 helps Turoth Level 64, 66, 68, 69 slayer level 55 helps Black Guard Level 42 slayer level 1 helps Kurask Level 78 slayer level 70 helps Aquanite Level 95 slayer level 78 helps Gem Dragons Image Name Level Requirements Dragonstone Dragon Level 119 slayer level 95 helps Hydrix Dragon Level 133 slayer level 101 helps Onyx Dragon Level 126 slayer level 98 helps Jadinko lair Image Name Level Requirements Mutated Jadinko Baby Level 93 slayer level 80 helps Mutated Jadinko Guard Level 96 slayer level 86 helps Mutated Jadinko Male Level 100 slayer level 91 helps Polypore Dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Ganodermic Runt Level 112 slayer level 95 helps Fungal Rodent Level 26 slayer level 1 helps Mutated Jadinko Male Level 100 slayer level 91 helps Grifolapine Level 103 slayer level 88 helps Grifolaroo Level 107 slayer level 82 helps Fungal Mage Level 81 slayer level 1 helps Infested Axe Level 105 slayer level 1 helps Ganodermic Beast Level 112 slayer level 95 helps Taverly Dungeon Image Name Level Requirements Blue dragon Level 74 Dragonfire shield comes handy Poison spider Level 93 That spider is poisonous Skeleton Level 15/32 None Black knight Level 30 None Lesser demon Level 70 None Ghost Level 25 None Magic axe Level 74 None Giant bat Level 44 None Chaos druid Level 32 None Chaos dwarf Level 45/47 None Poison scorpion Level 49 That scorpion is poisonous Hill giants Level 44 None
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    A shop is any place where players can buy or sell items of various kinds to a non-player character merchant. Shops Of Helwyr 3 Shops of Helwyr Chathead Name Location Shop Info Solomon Home Outfits are cosmetic overrides! Grand Exchange Clerk Home Trading system for players to buy and sell almost all tradeable items! Scavvo Home Pures can look what i have to offer, maybe some equipment! bob Home I Repair broken items, trade Skilling tools, Giving Godly Prestiges and can convert 1m ot cash bag. Zaff Home Magic and equipment and runes...man! Horvik Home Sir, we have to offer: Melee equipment and Tusken Invasion minigame rewards, just talk to me! Lowe Home Archery shop, eye for an eye. Diango Home Cosmetic rewards and Retro skillcape hood shop, 90's will come back! Wydin Home Useful supplies, take some bite or some drinks! Shopkeeper Home Best place to sell your loot for a low price. Xuan Home The Aura guy, whos always high. King Vargas Home Knights join with Clan, get some achievments and magical Chameleon Skins. Nastroth Home Pssst! You can exchange various Points for good items also can reset combat stats. "shady trades" Gambler Home Good place to waste your coins. I love coins. Party Pete Home He handles Donation perks, votes and some nice afros for some partyyy! Wise Old Man Home Capes, hoods, trivia points and Event mysterys from the past. Cook Home Bake me some nice Cake boss, and overcome Culinomancer Fancy Dress-shop owner Home Be elegant with some fancy cloths, you are never too beautiful! Estate Agent Home Get materials for your own place! Time to act and risk!
  4. Slayer is support skill that enables players to kill monsters which are often otherwise immune to damage. Players get a Slayer task from one of eight Slayer Masters, and players gain Slayer experience for killing monsters that they are assigned. Slayer experience is granted in addition to regular combat experience. Slayer can be profitable since many Slayer assignments drop valuable items. Generally, the stronger the monster, the more valuable its drops will be. Slayer is one of the best money-making methods in Helwyr 3 Slayer Masters Master Levels Required Turael NONE Mazchna 20 Combat Vannaka 40 Combat Chaeldar 75 Combat Sumona 90 Combat 35 Slayer Duradel / Lapalok 100 Combat 50 Slayer Kuradal 110 Combat 75 Slayer Morvran 120 Combat 85 Slayer, total level 2250 to access Prifddina Almost all of the Slayer Masters except Morvran, can be located in the Slayer Tower. The easiest way to get to the Slayer Tower is by using the Quest Journal. Next, select the NPC option, and at the bottom you will see the teleport called, "Slayer Tower." A slayer assignment may be changed (cancel, block, extend, prefer) once per assignment with the use of slayer points. In order to get another slayer master, you must have completed your current assignment from your previous Slayer Master. How To Start Slaying Your Assignment All slayer masters sell Enchanted Gem, buy it. Activating and using the Enchanted Gem is KEY to Slayer. It has a few options that are useful, but most importantly, it will allow you to teleport DIRECTLY to your currently assigned task. You can also check how many kills you have left by using your gem, which can also be checked by clicking on the Task System tab, and scrolling down to your regular, and Special Slayer tasks. Slayer Perk Perslaysion - This perk allows you to persuade your current slayer master to reset Slayer Tasks free of charge. It Also increases EXP and point ratios by 25% on task completion. Slayer Points Regular Slayer Point Rewards Image Name Slayer Points Description Slayer Helm 400 pts Buying option YES/NO Charm Collector 650 pts Buying option YES/NO. This is a perk! Imbue Ring 300 pts This feature imbue one of your ring, making it more powerful but permanently untradable. Crystal Weapon Seed 200 pts Crystal weapons upgrade, makes them more powerful. Fighter's Torso 200 pts Buyng option YES/NO. Special Slayer Point Rewards Image Name Slayer Points Description [Expand] Slayer helmet 650 pts there's four different looking helmet, but all of them have the same stats Khopesh of the Kharidian 500 pts Really powerful while doing slayer tasks. Off-Hand Khopesh of the Kharidian 500 pts Really powerful while doing slayer tasks. Raptor Key 150 pts Key for Raptor Chest Twang Crossbow 750 pts Really powerful while doing slayer task Off-Hand Twang Crossbow 750 pts Really powerful while doing slayer task
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    Starter Guide

    Starter Guide hello guys Many players who join the game don't know how to start or make cash I will give you some ideas. step 1 Edit You can start for vote u will get 1m GP per vote if you vote 2x a day u will get 14m a day. Also, u can go thieve, make waterbattlesstaff or cut dstones. how you buy stuff for it? easy buy from GE just use +5% and it will sell. After when you have done make the battles or cut the dstones sell back to the general store. step 2 Edit Now u got some cash but need armor and weeps. you can buy a full rune and rune scimitar main and offhand from ge, I will say for you go slayer forget some combat stats. But how i start slayer? All slayer master in slayer tower, you just need to go in quest tab/train teles and go to slayer tower. After you get some combat skills you can go dungeoneering for get a chaotics. How i tele there? quest tab/minigames/2st page/new dung step 3 Edit How i get some armor for start pvm? When you got some combat lvls you can go kill some revs, they drop pvp armors. and u can use that util you get a better armor. How much time i will take get full vesta? Well the drop rate is good and it depend on you game mode but it dont take so long. how i tele to revs? quest tab/pvp teles/forinthry dung. BE CAREFULL LOSE ITEM ON DEATH Also you can go rots minigame ( rise of the six) how i tele there? and it is hard? quest tab/minigames/ page 2 / rise of the six And no it is very easy and afk, you just need pray mage and melee. kill the mage guy 1st and after pray melee and u will be good. the ranger guy dont atack my range he atack melee so dont need pray range. what i get from this minigame? well u will get alot of stuff, like barrow pets, barrow armor parts, runes, some cash. and the most valuable itens. MALEVOLENT armor also the best gloves in game atm INANIMATE ROQUE GLOVE, and chromatic partyhat.