A completely player based server, Helwyr3 brings you a server that is completely community driven. The players choose the content! Our development will do our best to fulfill your ideal RSPS experience!

What is Helwyr3?

The top 718+ RSPS of 2019. You will never be bored of the endless content Helwyr has to offer. Recently released FULL TELOS!


Our server is always in development, but we strive to create the most stable experience possible.

Monster Points

Kill monsters and recieve points! The harder the monster/boss the more points!

Dedicated Staff

Our staff are dedicated to ensure that you have a well deserved stay at Helwyr3.

Skill Point System

Skilling earns you points, spend these points at the shop for better skilling items!


Complete achievements as you go and buy pets or a Quest Cape!


Helwyr3 only has a few custom items, we use "customs" in the form of npc's .

Other Features

Active Community

Helwyr3 is a fast growing community, come and join them!

Player Owned Shops

Put your items up for sale in your own shop, making selling and buying items much easier!


Max out your skills and prestige your player up to 30 times!

Great Exp Rates

Training here on Helwyr3 is just part of the fun, as the exp can be changed at your leisure!

Rare Loot and Rewards

Fight bosses and of course have a chance to receive your Rare Rewards!!

Loyalty Points

Login and receive your Loyalty Points, where you can exchange for great rewards in the shop!


See for yourself what we have to offer

Join Helwyr3 and embark on an epic adventure


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